Our Solutions


Whether developing strategies for transformation, developing technology roadmaps, or envisioning new products, Valukoda is well versed in quickly understanding your business and helping you chart a course forward.


Doing the cloud the right way requires expertise. Valukoda can assist your team wherever you are on your cloud journey. Whether devising a cloud migration approach, performing architecture assessments/remediation of applications slated for migration, or building out your virtual infrastructure, we'll help you to be successful.

Custom Software

Crafting custom software solutions is a specialty of our team. We love building products that you take to market just as much as we enjoy building products that transform your operations.


Mobility is an area of passion for Valukoda's team. Our team has experience creating apps loved by millions of users across the globe. Our team is equipped to create both native or cross platform apps and can assist you in architecting the right solution for your app's use case.


We’ve been playing with data before it was cool outside of the technology team. Our data science team is focused on leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to bring value to your business. Let us combine our passion for data and business intelligence to provide you with insights that you didn't know were possible.

Enterprise Integration

Valukoda's team are experts at enterprise integration. Let our team remove data silos and remove the need for swivel chair integration that is manually done today. We're great at identifying opportunities to improve efficiency which allow your organization to scale output without scaling costs.